I transform business digitally

Hi! I am Danish. My job is to improve the business approaches by simplifying the process digitally. I help businesses to imporve their system design, customer experience and digital transformation.
Either I can help you with the solution I already have or will make one for you covering all aspects from designing to deployment

I have explored the digital landscape with passion for a long time

With my experience on multiple technologies and products, I seek to influence lives of others to be more productive and creative where fun remains constant.

Along with my work, I help businesses transform digitally. The world is moving fast and you should too.

Digital Transformation Consultant

Your trusted partner in achieving Digital Transformation excellence. I specialize in guiding business through the process of enhancing their processes and systems using a multitude of frameworks.

Temenos T24 Consultant

I have been working as a professional T24 Core Banking Consultant with a track record of 4 successful Go-Live projects in Pakistan and other countries over the course of 5 years.

UI/UX Consultant

Staying updated with latest design trends, tools and methodologies helps me to focus on creating designs that genuinely enhance user expriences and solve real life problems.


bit about
Danish The Techie?

I became Danish The Techie in 2018 just before finishing my bachelors to help newbies find their home in the tech industry by sharing my experiences, opportunities, work and highlighting gaps to be solved through technology.

Hi, I am Danish originally from Pakistan, travelling around the world providing consultancy in technology, banking and
digital products like Management Information System (MIS), Content Mangement System (CMS) and other Core Systems.

think out of the

I am a great communicator and love to invest the necessary time to understand the customer's problem very well.

I am familiar with multiple tech stack, So other than finding a sweet spot where humans needs and business goals meet, I also focus on providing users a delightful and seamless experience with the product

My Services

What I do

I provide consultancy, designing and development services. With my team of independent freelancers, I can help you with all the services I provide myself and also can engage you with the relevant techie of your required expertise.


Management Systems

Management Systems to manage staff, bookings, clients, customers and attendance


Hardware Integration

Integrate your physical devices with the internet and pair it with your systems


IT Partnership

Outsource your IT operations and focus on your business while I take care of your technical problems.


Digital Transformation

Digitalize your business with the e-commerce support solutions and sell your products online hassle-free.