Transact T24 Consultant

Freelance T24 Consultant having expertise in T24 Implementation and Support

Expert in T24 Implementations for more than 5 years having hands-on experience in T24 Customizations, Java L3 Routines, Functional Developments, UXP Edge Connect (TCIB/TCMB), Interfaces, IRIS APIs, Web Services and Upgrades.

Some of my key developments include HID Integration with Transact on Single Sign-On and Scanner device integration with Transact to capture scanned documents directly from T24.

Little more brief

My work on Temenos Transact

T24 Interfaces & Implementation

I specialize in providing top-notch interface consultation services. As a T24 interface consultant, my primary expertise lies in exposing APIs from the Transact T24 core banking system and seamlessly integrating these with other systems. I also have extensive experience in consuming APIs, ensuring smooth and efficient data exchange across various platforms.

With a deep understanding of the Integration Framework, I am adept at designing Interface Definition Documents (IDD) that outline the technical and functional aspects of API integrations. My comprehensive approach includes meticulous unit testing to ensure reliability and performance, providing you with robust and scalable solutions tailored to your specific business needs.
By leveraging my skills as a T24 interface consultant, you can optimize your system integrations, enhance data flow, and ensure your Transact T24 system works harmoniously with other applications, ultimately driving efficiency and innovation in your banking operations.

Image of the certificate of Top Star for T24 CoreBanking Implementation

T24 Java L3 Consultant

As a highly experienced T24 Java L3 Consultant, I specialize in writing and optimizing routines and codes in Java for the Transact T24 core banking system. My expertise extends to converting routines from InfoBasic to Java, ensuring smooth transitions and enhanced performance.

I have extensive experience handling various types of routines, including validation routines, authorization routines, input routines, and batch routines. My in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience enable me to deliver robust and efficient solutions tailored to bank's specific requirements.

Having worked as an expert consultant for Java L3 developments, I bring a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise to every project. By leveraging my skills as a T24 Java L3 Consultant, you can ensure your T24 system operates at its highest efficiency, with optimized routines and seamless integrations that drive your business forward.

Working as a T24 Java Developer on Laptop using Temenos UXP Browser

Temenos Digital Banking

As a T24 Digital Banking Consultant, I bring a wealth of expertise in creating top-notch UI screens tailored for Transact T24's digital banking platforms. With extensive knowledge in User Experience (UX) design on UXP EdgeConnect for T24 Connect Internet Banking (TCIB) and T24 Connect Mobile Banking (TCMB), I specialize in delivering intuitive and engaging user interfaces that enhance customer satisfaction and drive user adoption.

My proficiency in designing seamless and efficient digital banking experiences is complemented by my training on Kony Infinity in 2019. This advanced training has equipped me with the skills to upgrade and innovate digital banking solutions, ensuring they meet the highest standards of functionality and user engagement.

By leveraging my skills as a T24 Digital Banking Consultant, you can elevate your digital banking platforms, providing your customers with exceptional online and mobile banking experiences that set you apart in the competitive financial services landscape.

Working as Temenos Infinity Consultant on Laptop
Picture of the Digital Team, NdcTech receiving Team of the Year Award 2020
Team of the Year

Digital Banking Team

The first year of my career at Ndc Tech as a Management Trainee was an invaluable learning experience that shaped my professional journey. I was fortunate to be placed in a dynamic and motivated team that not only taught me the intricacies of the industry but also provided a nurturing environment for personal and career growth.
In the highly regulated FinTech industry, my team emphasized the importance of stringent compliance and risk management practices. Learning to navigate this intricate web of regulations was a challenging yet enlightening experience.

By developing technical skills, fostering collaboration, understanding compliance, prioritizing clients, embracing adaptability, and building a network, I not only found success in the industry but also positioned myself for continuous growth. This first-year experience was a launching pad for my career in the exciting and ever-evolving world of FinTech.

Some of the Banks I worked on
Logo of Khushhali Bank, Pakistan for the project of Raast Integration as T24 Consultant Logo of CRDB Bank, Tanzania for the project of t24 implementation as Temenos T24 Interface Consultant Logo of Bank of Khyber, Pakistan for the project of Digital Banking as Temenos T24 Inifnity Consultant Logo of Telenor Microfinance bank, Pakistan for the project of LOS Digital App as Temenos T24 Consultant Logo of FinaBank, Suriname for the project of Digital App Support as T24 Consultant Logo of BPR Bank, Rawanda for the project of T24 upgrade as a T24 Java Developer Logo of Palestine Islamic Bank, Palestine for the project of Digital Mobile App as Temenos T24 Consultant

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